Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurates Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022 in New Delhi

Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022: The Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari recently inaugurated the Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022 (IDS-2022) – Road Map for Carbon Neutrality by 2070 in New Delhi.

Key Details:

  • The ‘Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022’ was inaugurated to overcome power shortages because it is necessary to develop alternative fuels.   
  • Minister Gadkari emphasized on maintaining equilibrium between ecology, environment and development.
  • While Inaugurating the IDS-2022 he stated that in the coming days, India would have to strengthen its economy and at the same time also save the environment.
  • He said that the Central Government’s priority is green hydrogen and by using biotechnology, the productivity of biomass can be increased.
  • He pointed out that pollution would decrease by usage of methanol and ethanol.
  • The Union Minister further added that Biomass can be used to produce bio-ethanol, bio-LNG, and bio-CNG.
  • The Minister also said that a focused road map should be created and adequate research must be done so that we reduce our imports and increase exports.   

What is Decarbonization?

Decarbonization means the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low carbon power sources, achieving a lower output of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.


  • ‘Decarbonisation’ tends to refer to the process of reducing ‘carbon intensity’, lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Generally, this involves decreasing CO2 output per unit of electricity generated.
  • Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide occurring as a result of transport and power generation is essential to meet global temperature standards set by the Paris Agreement and the UK government.

What is a low-carbon economy?

  • A low-carbon economy (LCE) or decarbonized economy is an economy based on energy sources that produce low levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • GHG emissions due to human activity are the dominant cause of observed climate change since the mid-20th century.
  • The long-term goal of decarbonization is to create a COâ‚‚-free global economy.