Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV-D2)

Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV-D2)

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV). It was launched from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan space centre at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The SSLV-D2 dropped EOS-07, Azzzadi SAT-2, and Janus-1 satellites. The satellites were dropped at an altitude of 450 km from the earth within 15 minutes of the launch.

About SSLV-D2 launch

SSLV can carry a payload of up to 500 kg. One of the low-cost spacecrafts of ISRO, SSLV can carry more than one satellite. It requires very less launch infrastructure, and provides very less turnaround time.



It was developed by ISRO. It weighs 156 kg. It has a mission life of 1 year. It carries a spectrum monitoring payload and humidity sounder. It is an earth observation satellite.


Developed by the USA, the satellite weighs 10.2 kg. It is a demonstration satellite built by United States-based Antaris and its Indian partners XDLinks and Ananth Technologies.

Azaadi SAT-2

Developed by SpaceKidz India, it was developed by around 750 girl students from across India.. The satellite has voice and data transmission equipment, a selfie camera, and also UHF and VHF transponders.


It was a failure as the rocket did not put the satellites in the right orbit. Recently ISRO released the reasons for the failure of the mission in its analysis report.