Shyamji Krishna Varma

Shyamji Krishna Varma

The Prime Minister paid tributes to revolutionary freedom fighter Shyamji Krishna Varma on his birth anniversary (4th October).

Shyamji Krishna Varma was born on 4th October, 1857 in Mandvi town of Kachchh district of Gujarat. He founded the Indian Home Rule Society, India House and The Indian Sociologist in London.

Shyamji Krishna Varma was impressed by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj . He was an admirer of Herbert Spencer, a Victorian sociologist who coined the phrase "survival of the fittest". 

He worked as an assistant to Monier Williams, a professor of Sanskrit in the Oxford University.

In 1883 Shyamji Krishna Varma graduated from Balliol College in Oxford and was called to the Bar in 1884. In 1881, he attended the Berlin Congress of Orientalists.

In 1905, Krishnavarma founded the Indian Home Rule Society and India House.  India House became a meeting-place for Indian revolutionaries in London.

Krishna Varma shifted his base to Paris in 1907 to avoid arrest by the British Government due to the political activities of India House. He was also disbarred from practising law by the Inner Temple. He published the journal The Indian Sociologist where he wrote against the colonial government.