Nepal celebrates its 72th National Democracy Day

Nepal celebrates its 72th National Democracy Day

Nepal recently celebrated democracy day on Sunday. Every year Falgun 7 of Bikram sambat is celebrated as National Democracy day in Nepal. Falgun is the calendar of Himalaya kingdom. Democracy came into being in Nepal as a result of a revolution.

A variety of programs are held across the country commemorating the day when the Nepali people stood against the then autocratic Rana regime and subsequently establishing democracy for the first time in the country. 

Tributes are paid to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the struggle for democracy.  

Nepal was under the rule of the Rana dynasty for more than 104 years.

Key Takeaways

  • The National Democracy Day is celebrated on Fagun 7 each year as per the Nepali calendar 
  • 1951 - End of Rana rule
  • Sovereignty of crown restored and anti-Rana rebels in Nepalese Congress Party form government.
  • 2008 Nepal becomes a republic after abolition of monarchy