National Turmeric Board Set Up

National Turmeric Board Set Up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced the setting up of a National Turmeric Board  in Telangana

The setting up will fulfill a long-pending demand from the stakeholders in the sector.

India produces nearly 1.1 million tonnes of turmeric, making up 80 per cent of the global output. Turmeric exports are currently hovering around 1.5 lakh tonnes with shipments picking up pace since the pandemic.

National Turmeric Board will help farmers in different areas ranging from value-addition in the supply chain to infrastructure-related works.
India is a major producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric. 

Recently Global Turmeric Conference 2023 was held in Mumbai on September 27. It was organised by NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research (NICR) in collaboration with Tefla. 

Awareness of the therapeutic value of turmeric had increased during the Covid pandemic leading to increased demand as well as exports.