MoU Between Indian Navy and IISC

MoU Between Indian Navy and IISC

A Memorandum of Understanding between Indian Navy (IN) and Indian institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru was signed at New Delhi for technical collaboration and joint research & development.

The MoU is aimed to promote academic cooperation in the varied field on Engineering, enhance scientific understanding of technologies related to defence sector and undertake new development.

IN and IISc share common interest in academic exchange of scientific research activities in the field of Engineering related to defence technologies.

The MoU would serve to provide a broader frame work and enable both sides to enhance capacity building, solution to field level issues, expanding of equipment vendor base and effective training through exchange of faculty/ guest lectures.

IN in collaboration with IISc has undertaken development of future-ready Transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) based AC plant working on natural refrigerant. The technology is a major breakthrough for phasing out halon synthetic refrigerants and is indigenously designed & developed. This MoU is the formal basis for the continued collaboration to develop such technologies solutions in the near future.