Lohri:Traditional harvest festival

Lohri:Traditional harvest festival

 Lohri is one of the most important festivals bringing joy and celebrations giving a great start to the New Year

Lohri is usually celebrated on January 13 every year in north India and especially in Punjab and North India with much enthusiasm and zeal.

Lohri celebrates the passing of the biting cold of the winters. On this day children go from door to door to collect funds for community bonfires which are lit up in the evening. People gather around the bonfires and offer sweets, crisp rice and popcorn to the flames. 

Rituals Associated with Lohri 
Traditionally Lohri is celebrated by lighting a bonfire in the yard after the rabi crops are chopped. Small idols of Lohri goddess are made with cattle dung and place beneath the fire.

The bonfire is lit at sunset and people circle around it and throw sesame seeds, rewaries and jaggery in it. Sitting around the fire people sing and dance till the fire subsides.