Joint India Singapore Exercise 'Bold Kurukshetra' concludes at Jodhpur

Joint India Singapore Exercise 'Bold Kurukshetra' concludes at Jodhpur

The 13th edition of Exercise Bold Kurukshetra was conducted from March 6 to 13, 2023, at Jodhpur Military Station in Rajasthan.

Exercise Bold Kurukshetra is a bilateral armour exercise between the armies of Singapore and India

This joint exercise aimed to enhance cooperation, build a common understanding of mechanised warfare, combat emerging threats and adapt to evolving technologies. It also provided an opportunity for both armies to exchange ideas and best practices in a modern combat zone.

For the first time in the exercise series, both armies participated in a command post exercise. 
The exercise involved Battalion and Brigade level planning elements and computer wargaming. 

Hosted by the Indian Army, the exercise involved soldiers from the 42nd Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment and an Armoured Brigade of Indian Army.

First conducted in 2005, Exercise Bold Kurukshetra is conducted under the ambit of the bilateral arrangement for the joint Army Training and exercises between the Singapore Army and the Indian Army. 

Exercise Bold Kurukshetra underscores the strong and long-standing bilateral defence relationship between both countries and enhances cooperation between the two armies. 

Both defence establishments also interact regularly through high-level visits, policy dialogues, courses and other professional exchanges

Key Takeaways

  • Exercise Bold Kurukshetra was first conducted in 2005.
  • Exercise Bold Kurukshetra underscores cooperation between the two armies. 

  • The 12th edition of BOLD KURUKSHETRA was carried out in 2019.