IOC unveils indoor solar cook top Surya Nutan

IOC launches Surya Nutan: The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) recently unveiled its patented indigenous solar cooktop called Surya Nutan.

Key Points:

  • Surya Nutan is an indigenous indoor solar cooking system that has been developed by IndianOil R&D Centre, Faridabad.
  • It is a Stationary, rechargeable, and always kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking.
  • While charging, the system provides an online cooking mode.
  • Pilot projects are currently being conducted in 60 locations, including Leh (Ladakh), to ascertain several operational and commercial aspects related to its implementation.

The solar cooktop is in line with the steps taken by Ministry in the ongoing global energy crisis, including:

  • Pursuing green hydrogen mission in refineries.
  • Increasing procurement price of Compressed Bio-Gas from Rs 45 per kg to Rs 54 per kg, under SATAT scheme.
  • Increasing ethanol blending to 20%, and
  • Increasing area under Exploration and Production from 7-8% to 15% of geographical area.

Cost of Surya Nutan:

  • The solar cooktop initially cost Rs 12,000 for the base model and Rs 23,000 for the top model.
  • With economies of scale, this expense is probably going to be far lower.

How does it work?

  • It works in a Hybrid Mode which means that it can work on both solar & auxiliary energy sources simultaneously.
  • The insulation design of Surya Nutan minimizes conductive and radiative heat losses.
  • This makes the Surya Nutan a reliable cooking solution for all weather conditions.
  • It can be used in all weather and seasons including when the Sun is not available for long durations or for continuous days, such as monsoons and extreme winters.

About SATAT Scheme:

  • Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) is an initiative of the Government of India (GoI).
  • This initiative is aimed at setting up Compressed Bio-Gas production plants and making it available in the market for use in automotive fuels by inviting Expression of Interest from potential entrepreneurs.
  • The Scheme was launched in October 2018 by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas in collaboration with Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) like Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

SATAT has the following four objectives:

  • Utilization of more than 62 million metric tonnes of waste generated every year in India,
  • Cutting down on import dependence,
  • Creation of job creation in India.
  • Reduction of vehicular emissions and pollution from burning of agricultural or organic waste.

The scheme will help to maintain India’s commitment towards reducing carbon emissions, fulfilling agreements such as the Paris Agreement.

Benefits of the SATAT Scheme:

Through the use of Compressed Biogas (CBG), the SATAT has the following benefits -

  • Responsible waste management, reduction in carbon emissions and pollution
  • Additional revenue source for farmers
  • Boost to entrepreneurship, rural economy and employment
  • Support for national commitments in achieving climate change goals
  • Reduction in import of natural gas and crude oil
  • A safety net against crude oil/natural gas fluctuations