India's Latest Communication Satellite GSAT-24 Successfully Launched

GSAT-24: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched India's communication satellite GSAT-24.

Key Points:

  • The satellite was successfully launched into geostationary orbit from Kourou in French Guiana by the Ariane 5 rocket (South America).
  • GSAT-24 is built by ISRO for NewSpace India Limited (NSIL).
  • It was the 25th Indian satellite launched by Arianespace and the 11th of the GSAT (Geosynchronous Satellite) series.
  • It was launched by the French company Arianespace.

Note: Along with GSAT-24, Ariane 5 launcher also carried two satellites, MEASAT-3d for the Malaysian operator MEASAT. With this, the total payload of the launcher was approx. 10,863 kg.

Features of GSAT-24:

  • GSAT-24 is a 24-Ku band communication satellite weighing 4180 kg with pan-India coverage for meeting  Direct-to-Home (DTH) application needs.
  • This was the first demand-driven communication satellite mission undertaken by NSIL post space sector reforms.
  • It will provide high-quality television, telecommunications and broadcasting services over India.
  • The 15-year mission life of GSAT-24 is configured on ISRO’s tried-and-true I-3k Bus.


  • NSIL, a Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) of the Government of India (GoI) under the Department of Space (DOS), has leased the entire satellite capacity to Tata Play (formerly Tata Sky).
  • The commercial arm of ISRO, NSIL was established in March 2019.
  • NSIL was required to carry out operational satellite missions on a “demand-driven” model as part of the “space reforms” announced by the government in June 2020.
  • Under this model, NSIL is responsible for building, launching, owning, and operating satellites as well as providing services to its devoted customer.