ICAR and Germany’s Thünen Institute Organize Workshop on Food Loss and Waste Prevention

ICAR and Germany’s Thünen Institute Organize Workshop on Food Loss and Waste Prevention

The Indian Council of Agriculture Research,  in collaboration with the Thünen Institute, Germany, is organizing International Workshop on Food Loss and Waste Prevention in South Asian Region. 

The workshop will last from 30th October to 1st November, 2023

The workshop aims to address 

  • Assessment and Impact of Postharvest Losses and Food Waste
  • Prevention of Postharvest Losses in the Supply Chain
  • Prevention of Food Waste in Households and Community Activities 
  • Role of Food Bank Networks and Circular Economy. 

Participants in the workshop would be different types of stakeholders from the South Asian countries including India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives. 

The participants are discussing impact of food loss & waste on the economy, environment, and society in the South Asian region.  

They will share knowledge and expertise on methodologies to measure and assess food loss and waste. Further the knowledge on technologies, approaches, and strategies to prevent food loss and waste would also be shared along with success stories and case studies from different countries in the region.

Post-harvest losses and food waste varies among geographies in the world. It largely depends on the crops and commodities, duration of storage, climate, technological interventions, human behaviour, traditions etc. 

During the G20-MACS held in Varanasi, India during April 2023, a bilateral meeting was held between India and Germany in which both the countries decided to organize a regional workshop to address the challenges of Food Loss and Waste.

South Asian Region is a major food producer as well as consumer of food.