Govt launches “Jagriti” mascot for empowering consumers and generating awareness towards their rights

Jagriti Mascot: The Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) has launched “Jagriti”, a mascot for empowering consumers and generating awareness of their rights.

About Jagriti mascot:

  • Jagriti mascot shall be shown along with tagline “Jago Grahak Jago” in all its media campaigns.
  • The two are new synonymous with young aware consumers and bring sharp focus to consumer rights knowledge and movement.
  • Jagriti will be projected as an empowered consumer who is spreading awareness about consumer rights and addressing solutions to the problems faced by the consumers.
  • The “Jagriti” mascot will be used to generate consumer awareness about various themes of the Department.

The Themes include -

  • Provisions of Consumer Protection Act 2019,
  • Hallmarking,
  • National Consumer Helpline toll free number 1915,
  • Provisions of weights & measures Act,
  • Decisions of the Central Consumer Protection Authority and
  • Testimonials by consumers on grievance redressal.

Aims of ‘Jagriti’ Mascot:

  • To strengthen consumer awareness campaign presence in digital and multimedia
  • To Reinforce a strong young and informed consumer as the top consumer rights awareness recall brand.