Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary

Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary

Birsa Munda was born in Jharkhand on 15th November 1875 into a Munda family. His parents were Sugana Munda and Karmi Hatu. His place of birth is Ulihatu, a village in the Khunti district in Jharkhand.

Birsa converted into a Christian to receive education from the German Mission School .

In 1894, Birsa declared his opposition to the British and the Dikus (outsiders) and thus began the Munda Ulgulan

Birsa also started his own religion and proclaimed he was god’s messenger. Many tribal people Mundas, Kharias and Oraons accepted him as their leader. 

Birsa asked the tribal people to keep distance from the Christian missionaries and revert to their traditional ways. He also advocated for the non-payment of taxes.

Birsa was arrested in 1895. After coming from the jail after two years he he resumed his armed struggle by razing police stations, churches, government property and houses of Zamindars.

He was arrested in  1900 from Jamkopai forest in Chakradharpur. He died on June 9th 1900 while lodged at the Ranchi jail. He was only 25. Authorities claimed he died of cholera although this claim is doubted.

After his death, his movement petered out.