Bhopal Declaration Released

Bhopal Declaration Released

More than 300 intellectuals from India and abroad released the Bhopal Declaration after discussing the G-20 agenda in the two-day meeting of Think-20 under G20 in Bhopal.

What is Think 20 ?

The Think 20 (T20) is an engagement group comprising of think tanks from G20 countries that provides policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. Initiated in 2012, the group brings the expertise of think tanks from around the world to bear on the G20’s policy-making process. It meets annually in the lead-up to the G20 summit. 

Bhopal Declaration: Main Points

  • The need for promoting traditional medicine systems like AYUSH 
  • AYUSH can form a strong pillar of the ‘One Health’ approach.
  • Encouraging value-oriented development in infrastructure development
  • Emphasis on promoting traditional medicine systems like AYUSH
  • Encouragement of value-oriented development in infrastructure
  • Focus on inclusive development  
  • Care for the welfare of every section of society 
  • Special attention to children and development led by women
  • Focus on bridging the gap between North and South
  • Importance of localization in achieving G-20 sustainable development goals
  • Necessity of triangular cooperation between government, society, and private organizations

India’s Role 

The Think 20 forum covered India’s crucial contribution to the containment of COVID-19 and its response to Russia-Ukraine war. The forum also lauded India’s efforts in balancing this triangular cooperation.

Student Connect

Student Connect was organized under G20 at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal.

Key Takeaways

  • Think20 serves as the intellectual backbone of G20 since 2012.
  • More than 300 intellectuals from India and abroad participated in various sessions.