As India takes over G-20 presidency, here's what is in focus

As India takes over G-20 presidency, here's what is in focus

As India takes over G-20 presidency, here's what is in focus

As India assumes the G-20 presidency today, it will focus on bridging the digital divide, forging world unity, combating terror and dealing with supply-chain disruptions. 

India will take over the G-20 presidency today (December 1). “It (the G-20 presidency) is a big opportunity for India. We have to make full use of this opportunity and focus on global good and world welfare. Whether it is peace or unity, sensitivity towards the environment or sustainable development, India has solutions to challenges related to these,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday during his monthly radio broadcast.

India assumes the presidency of G-20 at a time when the world is facing a host of challenges ranging from an accelerating climate crisis, food and energy crisis to the Ukraine-Russia war and other geopolitical problems.


Bridging the digital divide: India will focus on bridging the digital divide, essentially in developing countries. Bridging such a divide will help bring more benefits from digital technologies and transformation to every country.

On November 16, Modi had exhorted other G-20 leaders to vow to work together for digital inclusion over the next decade. “The principle of ‘data for development’ will be an integral part of the overall theme of our presidency, ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’,” he had said.

Digital technologies and solutions can also be used to fight against global poverty and climate change. India must also showcase its unique model of digital public infrastructure and startup ecosystem during various G-20 meetings.

Forging world unity: Against the backdrop of the raging Russia-Ukraine war, India will strive to bring all warring parties on a single platform to see the common good. India’s role would be to engage the countries in the group and strike a consensus. Unanimity in resolution will go a long way in not just ushering in world peace, but also help resolve the energy crisis for global welfare. The divisiveness has to be reduced to tackle the challenges facing the planet like economic growth, indebtedness of countries, meeting sustainable development goals and climate targets.

Countering terrorism: India will attempt to bring terrorism back on G-20 agenda. International cooperation and a robust system to fight terror financing and economic crime is the crying need of the hour. India has a crucial role to play with the world’s biggest economies in mitigating such risks. A global effort has to be made to share the sharing of terror funding information through formal and informal means. India has to build on its counter-terrorism narrative and chalk out an action plan to combat terrorism because terrorist acts have ripple effect on the economy. It not just causes market uncertainty, but also causes disruptions in economic growth.

Handling supply-chain disruptions: Disruptions in the supply-chain cause inflation – both food and fuel. The supply-chain ecosystem is fragile and a strategy is required to handle it. India will try to shape a supply-chain strategy in the post-Covid era. Such a strategy must make sure that supply chains are made resilient and robust through multilateral partnerships and diplomacy that keeps all players in mind.


In a recent address, the PM said that G-20 is an opportunity to present the “diverse and distinctive colours” of our culture to the world, as delegates who attend the meetings are “tourists of the future”.

The member and guest countries of G-20 will converge for the 2023 (September) summit in Udaipur next week. As many as 200 meetings of the G20 member-states, invitees and organisations across over 50 cities in India will be held ahead of the G-20 summit.

A slew of events are lined up too. As many as 100 monuments across the country will be lit up with the G-20 logo. A selfie competition will also be held, which will encourage people to take a picture against the backdrop of the monument and put it up on social media with the hashtag #G20India.

A ‘University Connect’ event will bring together students from some 75 universities. Besides, a special G-20 jingle will be launched for FM radios and YouTube channels from tomorrow.

The G-20 presidency will kick off with celebrations at the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, an annual event that will showcase the state’s rich traditions.

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