Air Forces of India, Malaysia begin bilateral exercise Udarashakti

Air Forces of India, Malaysia begin bilateral exercise Udarashakti

Udarashakti 2022:  Udarashakti is a bilateral exercise between Indian Air Force (IAF) and Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

  • This is the first bilateral exercise that is being conducted between the two countries

About Udarashakti 2022:

  • Indian Air Force is taking part in air exercise Udarashakti 2022 with Su-30 MKI and C-17 aircraft while the Malaysian Air Force is taking part with Su 30 MKM aircraft.
  • During the four days, various aerial combat drills will be conducted between two Air Forces.


  • The exercise will secure the long-standing bond of friendship and enhance the line of defence cooperation between both the armies.
  • This in turn will strengthen security in the region.
  • Through this exercise, IAF will get an opportunity to share and learn best practices with the Royal Malaysian Air Force.
  • They would also discuss mutual combat capabilities.


  • The first bilateral Air Force exercise that staged frontline Sukhoi-30 combat aircraft was conducted in 2018.
  • From 2008 to 2010, the Indian Air Force Training Team was deployed in Malaysia to give training to Malaysian pilots on the SU-30SKM aircraft.

Indian Air Force (IAF):

  • IAF is the air wing of Indian Armed Forces.
  • It was set up on October 8, 1932.
  • It is ranked third worldwide.
  • Its main objective is to secure Indian airspace and conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict.

Royal Malaysian Air Force:

The Royal Malaysian Air Force was established on June 2, 1958.

Which other country is participating in the bilateral exercise Udarshakti with India?
A) India and Japan
B) India and Vietnam
C) India and Malasia
D) India and Maldives