AIIMS-Delhi develops Anti-Gravity Body Suit for yoga in space

Anti-Gravity Body Suit: Experts at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS-Delhi) have developed an anti-gravity body suit that will allow astronauts to perform yoga in space.

This was announced by the doctors of AIIMS doctors on the eve of International Yoga Day on 21 June.

About the Anti-Gravity Body Suit:

  • This is India’s first bodysuit for astronauts.
  • The space journey of astronauts adversely affects the functioning of muscle and bones.
  • The anti-gravity gear will help astronauts to strengthen antigravity musculature and will also prevent atrophy (a health condition in which the size of body part decreases) in microgravity environment,
  • It will help astronauts strengthen muscles and prevent loss of bone density minerals.
  • It will increase their weight by more than 70% in space to prevent them from floating.

The claim has been validated by the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, and the proof of concept will be presented to ISRO.

How will it work?

It is known that when the astronauts reach space, their body weight becomes zero.

  • When an astronaut wears this body gear, his body weight can be increased in a controlled manner and he will become comfortable and further stick to the surface of the defined ground in space by velcro-magnetic force.


  • Space physiology is one of the emerging focus areas for India in space sciences and technology development.
  • This would be the first-such body suit for astronauts in the world.
  • The anti-gravity body suit has been developed at a time when ISRO is preparing to fly Gaganyaan, its first manned space travel mission.